Seasonal love and friendship quotes 2009 - 2010

>> Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A week from now December 2009 will begin. December has always been a special month as it brings days full of love and celebrations and this celbration lasts not only till December but a couple of months in the next year also. In other words december ends the year but begins the season of love and celebrations. Why no then start the month with some unforgetable love and friendship quotes. Reason for readin my love quotes blog this december:

Quotes for begning holidays season
Christmas Day Quotes
New Year Quotes
Valentine Day Love Quotes
Best Freind Quotes
Sad Quotes avout love
Say Sorry Quotes
Quote to say to someone Special and lot more...

So keep reading and enjoy!!


Friendship & Relations: Tips for one and all

>> Monday, November 09, 2009

Hi All,

Thanks for making my blog a huge success & for your valuable comments. Today I am posting here more than lovequotes or friendship quotes. Why not post smoe tips on friendship and relationships on whome I have posted lots of quotes here. Different relationships have different fates. Some end up in break up, some in marriage which may last till divorce. However there are some relations that never die and last forever.

If you are in a relationship and your relation is going through some hard times due to some known or unknown reasons then you must visit the relationship section of article alley wherein you can find some excellent articles on datng and relationship from expert authors. This section is equally benefecial for happy love couples and they may enjot learning some tips that will add more romance in the love life.

Apart from making existign relations better you can also find some article interesting articles like "How to catch a cheatin spouse". In this article author Inferno discussed the ways to discover if your partner is cheating on you. In another interestign article author Vida Curnutt talks about marriage counsellin for saving a marriage. For more information you can visit:


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