20 Sweet Sorry quotes - Nice Quotes to say sorry to someone you care

>> Wednesday, October 03, 2007

They always say that saying sorry or apologizing is the the style of the brave and not everyone has the courage to say sorry or apologize for but he/she has done wrong intentionally or unintentionally. In my opinion saying sorry is the way to convey that your relation with the concerned person matters to you more than your own personal ego etc. You might not be wrong sometimes but saying sorry can definitely convey your love to the other person. And trust me when that person is out of that angry state of mind, he/she will definitely realize the mistake and love, respect you more that earlier.

If you every wanna say sorry to someone you care for or someone you love a lot but unintentional hurt him/her or had and argument, now don't know where to start from or how to say sorry. Here are the 20 nice quotes to say sorry. Say sorry through sorry cards and sorry pics, sorry greetings.

What I did was Foolish and IMPULSIVE. If I could take is all back I'd do so this INSTANT. I truly did not mean to hurt you in ANY WAY. Please forgive me.

I am really sorry for everything. Please forgive me.
This is a really nice pic, you can take the print out to give it personally or send this as an email attachment. In both cases I am sure the recipient will love the pic and your feelings. This is kind of image that is full of emotions.

Adding one more quote here for apologies that I normally receive if I'm angry with my love:

20. Sorry bolna na
21. Jo mujhse pyaar karta hoga woh naraaz no hoga 

I hope you like these say sorry quotes, please feel free to share your comments regarding these sorry quotes. Please feel free to share this Love Quotes blogs with  your friends, relative etc who may find this blog helpful. H


Deepika Bajaj 12:48 AM  

Really Nice !!

Vinay 1:47 AM  

Hello Depeika,

Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous 3:30 AM  

Just superb!!! thanks!!

My fiancee forgived me and he was very very happy reading it.

Anonymous 3:32 AM  

Superb!! Thanks a Lot!!!

My fianceee has forgived me after i send this comment.

He was very very happy

Thanks a ton :)

Vinay 11:58 AM  

@ priya


thnx a lot for such a nice commment.

really I am so happy that is helped someones.

I told one of my best frnd regarding your comment also, she was amzed by this.

all the very best to both of you

god bless

Anonymous 7:19 PM  

i used one of these an she said "thanks for making a mockery of my feelings."

Vinay 7:33 PM  


Anonymous 9:52 AM  

i have send some of this comments 2 my fiancee. hope he forgives me....

med 6:29 AM  

thats great messages.I have used one of them to ask forgiveness from my fiancee

Anonymous 3:40 AM  

wow it reali helped me

Mikee 2:47 AM  

thank you! I send this to my special sum1.... and that sum1... said:

Please stop being sorry about the whole thing. You're okey with me. God bless

Aksha 8:25 AM  

thanx...4 such butiful..quotes..i had sent tht 2 my friend...i hope tht he'll 4 give me

Anonymous 12:49 AM  

I have sent few of them to my fiancee as well...Lets see...

Anonymous 7:12 PM  

Thank you

Anonymous 7:54 AM  

Im gonna send couple of them to my guy. Hope he understands and doesnt send a LOL as a reply!!

Anonymous 6:25 PM  

it was nyc! lovely n impress i hope it helpz workout thing wid mA bestfriend :-)

Anonymous 8:48 PM  

yar ye fiance say etna sorry kun karna parta ha me khud tang aa gae ho sorry kar kar k. Lori sherni

Anonymous 8:55 PM  

fiance ko manany ka best way btaoooo yaaaar muje sorry kam nae kr rhaaa

Anonymous 8:12 PM  

fiance...fiance....fiance...fiance.... basss karoooooooo.....!!!

Anonymous 1:45 AM  

Nice one

Vey Vey 6:49 PM  

I wish she will know about my feeling ;(----;)

Anonymous 7:13 AM  

i hope this messege will help me..tnx 4 this site:DD

lpminor 6:20 AM  

thanx fr d sorry quotes . . . . .

mrs. priyanaveen 10:14 AM  

good one

missnetalla 10:05 AM  

I sent this to my boyfriend and he was really happy lol he forgave me and we made up in a minute.

Anonymous 3:00 PM  

Excellent blog post. I absolutely appreciate this website.
Keep writing!
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shamz 1:51 PM  

am sending all the 19th to my husbnd hope he forgve me pray 4 me plzzzzzzzz i hurt him loadz with words today

Heather Hunter 8:41 AM  

I am sending the first to my fiancée now. I alredy know he will love the message, but I had to say thanks to the poster. Your efforts are very appreciated!!

Vinay 7:21 PM  

Thanks Heather Hunter,

Please let us know the response of your fiancee.

Anonymous 5:45 AM  

Thanks for these nice quote

Unknown 4:56 AM  

I have sent at least 5 of these to my wife, no change so far...seems my weekend is going to be screwed...

Anonymous 5:49 AM  

I said I m sorry even sent a picture but he is still cross, anyway thanks your messages are cool

Unknown 12:17 AM  

I felt ashamed for what I had done. I don't have any excuses. I did what I did. I take full
responsibility for myself and my actions. I wouldn't pawn this off on anybody. I'm sorry it happened. And I hurt people. See the link below for more info.


Anonymous 7:58 PM  


Lushi 4:01 PM  

Hey guys, i was enjoyin sunny beach in my colleague's lap,i was enjoyin lika he'll that all of a sudden my fiancee appeared. He got sun red, hold ma hand leading home. It's third day he's angry, plz help me. How should I get him cool?????

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