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>> Saturday, October 27, 2007

Love is too young to know what conscience is. -- Shakespeare, Sonnet

I have felt it and lived it and now it leaves me here, love is the ultimate pain and joy, without it you die with it you perish. -- Christopher S. Drew

Love isn't a game you play, and if you do play it then your always going to loose

A heart is not a plaything, a heart is not a toy, But if you want it broken, give it to a girl

I don't want to hug you. Not because I don't love you, but because I'm too scared I won't be able to let you go if I do.

You are my strength, but loving you is my biggest weakness

Where there is love, there is pain. -- Spanish proverb :D

Pleasure of love lasts a moment, the pain of love lasts a lifetime. -- Jean Pierre Fenelon

Never love with all your heart, it only ends in aching. -- Countee Cullen


20 Sweet Sorry quotes - Nice Quotes to say sorry to someone you care

>> Wednesday, October 03, 2007

They always say that saying sorry or apologizing is the the style of the brave and not everyone has the courage to say sorry or apologize for but he/she has done wrong intentionally or unintentionally. In my opinion saying sorry is the way to convey that your relation with the concerned person matters to you more than your own personal ego etc. You might not be wrong sometimes but saying sorry can definitely convey your love to the other person. And trust me when that person is out of that angry state of mind, he/she will definitely realize the mistake and love, respect you more that earlier.

If you every wanna say sorry to someone you care for or someone you love a lot but unintentional hurt him/her or had and argument, now don't know where to start from or how to say sorry. Here are the 20 nice quotes to say sorry. Say sorry through sorry cards and sorry pics, sorry greetings.

What I did was Foolish and IMPULSIVE. If I could take is all back I'd do so this INSTANT. I truly did not mean to hurt you in ANY WAY. Please forgive me.

I am really sorry for everything. Please forgive me.
This is a really nice pic, you can take the print out to give it personally or send this as an email attachment. In both cases I am sure the recipient will love the pic and your feelings. This is kind of image that is full of emotions.

Adding one more quote here for apologies that I normally receive if I'm angry with my love:

20. Sorry bolna na
21. Jo mujhse pyaar karta hoga woh naraaz no hoga 

I hope you like these say sorry quotes, please feel free to share your comments regarding these sorry quotes. Please feel free to share this Love Quotes blogs with  your friends, relative etc who may find this blog helpful. H


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