Love never dies by a natural death

>> Friday, July 24, 2009


Today I m going to tell u something about love and give some romantic ideas for your loved ones

Love never dies by a natural death but it dies by our lack of carelessness
But it is also true that true love can never end till our last breath either we believe it or not. True love is difficult to get, so don’t let him/her go with some misunderstanding.

Now I will give u some romantic ideas to impress your loved one

Purchase a domain if it is available with your partner’s name for example create webpage which include some a romantic poems, pictures of cute teddy bears and a pictures of flowers with he/she likes. When she/he surfing the web, casually ask to check domain name with her/him name either it exist or not and when he/she type her name he/she discover her/him page.

Give a fluffy teddy bear to her, when she holds the teddy bear she feels your touch.

Send a bouquet of roses and place one artificial rose in the middle of bouquet
decorate bouquet with some sparkle, fillers, glitter, lace and satin ribbon. And attach a sweet teddy bear with the lines: I LOVE U MY TEDDY BEAR

Write a love poem record that make a CD and send her/him. She/he really like this one.

When your love one aren't looking put a love letter in his pocket, spray with perfume and some kisses.

Keep messaging your beloved in office daily. Like I miss u, I love u

Spend your weekend with your loved one.

If you are living together then after reaching home from office do not start sharing your problem immediately. Just forget about all the tensions, start your evening with talking about your loving memory of the past and then share your problem with your beloved.

If any misunderstanding between you then sort misunderstanding by calling him/her or send a 'i am sorry' teddy bear to your beloved one. My love also do the same thing when a misunderstanding rises between us you can see here And when i saw this one I forget all the things and love him more then usual. I LOVE U JANU…..MISS U LOT……


Sue Pathetic 5:44 PM  

Hey thanks for the loverly post! Please check out my lame blog

Sue Pathetic

Ranjith 6:09 AM  

This post is sweet, keep up the good work.

Anonymous 3:30 PM  

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

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