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>> Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Listed below are the quotes written by me, read and share your feedback.

  1. One must have good sense of humor kyunki Gambhir to Gautam bhi hia 
  2. Compromise never, till the death
  3. Compromise only if even death is not an option for not compromising
  4.  In real life there are no Heroes, everyone has a villainous past. 
  5. Every hero has a villainous past. 
  6. In true love there is not compromise but sacrifice for the loved one
  7. If you consider compromise as sacrifice for your loved one, you hardly would ever wonder about what you have to compromise as its immaterial 
  8. Compromise and Sacrifice are two different thing one have to deal with. Compromises are often materialistic things that not necessarily to be made but sacrifices are something worth to happen in ones life. 
  9. Aadmi ko gyani hona chahiye BABA to rahul bhi hai
  10. Aadmi ko real hona chaiye Xerox to MODI bhi hai
  11. When you've nothing to do - DO THE DEW (Added 31-May-2014) 

  12. The Namo model is so futuristic that even BJP core working committee and the Indian cabinet don't know how it works.
  13. There is a difference between batting well and scoring runs. 

I hope you mus have understood the meaning of all the quotes except the quote number 1, the quote in hindi language. So for those people I need to explain the my first quote i.e.  "One must have good sense of humor kyunki Gambhir to Gautam bhi hia". First line is self explanatory. Second lines means even Gautam is non-humorous. Gautam Gambhir is a cricket player who've played for Indian cricket team in One Day, Test and T20 matches. Those who are less aware of the game of cricket needs to check out this blog. Here is the wallpaper of Gautam Gambhir, just in case you research on him make sure you are reading about the right guy.

Image Source: http://www.wallpaperswala.com/gautam-gambhir/

I'm penning down more quotes and will posts some  in near future.
in near future, please keep visiting.

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