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>> Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Never anyone would have imagined that whole world would  come to halt. All airlines, trains, bus services would be stopped for weeks. Don't think about traveling to different nation, you can't even travel  few kilometers from your home. Its been 35 days and I myself have gone out from my home just 4 times and that's just for groceries, the shop is just at walking distance. There has been a full curfew in my state and many other states have partial or full curfew imposed.

All nations are following lock-down and most citizens are staying home. I hope soon we will get solution to this coronavirus/covid19 either by medicine, vaccine etc. So far there are new cases and deaths are being reported daily in the news.  It feel ike there will be lockdown for few months more.

Here are some quotes that might keep you motivated duting the Coronavirus lockdown.

  • Stay Home - Stay Safe - This is like world anthem in these corona virus times. 
  • For this generation, the world is going to be irrevocably altered. How and in what way will be spoken about in the next decade. - Vani Kola
  • These are unprecedented times that require unprecedented efforts. - Niraj Ranjan
  • Every day was a Sunday during the COVID-19 pandemic. ― Steven Magee
  • COVID-19 is the nightmare of life insurance companies. ― Steven Magee
  • The COVID-19 pandemic reminded us of how life was before vaccinations.― Steven Magee
  • Not all banks are COVID-19 friendly. ― Anthony T. Hincks
  • Think about Nelson Mandela he spent 27 years in confinement


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